Harnessing the Power of the Sun to Deliver the Benefits of the Cold

The Solution—xCOLD

xCOLD is all-encompassing refrigeration system that runs directly off the power of sunlight. By utilizing direct power from solar PV array, a patent-pending energy control scheme and an energy-efficient refrigeration design, we have been able to maximize the power of the sun to produce a cold environment

xCOLD has the capability to keep a small to medium size space at refrigerator or air condition temperatures

Portable Solar Array
XCOLD Prototype
XCOLD Prototype
System Portability
Cooling Tent
Solar Panel
Cooling Tent With Panels
Cooling Tent With Panels

The Design

Direct DC to DC

Solar Panels produce DC electricity, which is typically converted to AC electricity to run conventional products. xCOLD leverages 100% DC electricity, eliminating any loss that would occur in the conversion from DC to AC

Priority on Efficiency

All xCOLD components were selected to maximize the efficiency of the system to reduce the amount of solar panels needed and therefore reduce total system cost

Smart Power Management

The patent-pending control system of the xCOLD smartly manages multiple incoming power sources while always prioritizing solar PV panels


xCOLD is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be docked to a variety of spaces such as a walk-in cooler, shipping container, or tent-like structure. xCOLD also has multiple operating configurations: running as a singular unit or as a split ductless system

Off-grid Capable

xCOLD was designed from the start to run 100% off-grid. This allows the unit to provide cooling to remote areas of the world where typical solutions would not be viable

Use Cases

Over the Road

By attaching panels on the roof and the xCOLD to the storage space (such as a trailer), perishables can transported without the use of a diesel refrigeration system

Enabling a Community

100% off-grid capability means that xCOLD can be placed in areas where traditional power sources don’t exist. Designed to be adaptable, xCOLD can produce a cold environment in just about any enclosed space

Powering Commercial

The ability to have backup power, such as being tied to the electrical grid, means that xCOLD can be installed in restaurants, convenient stores, or grocery marts with assurance that your perishables stay cold—all while reducing your electricity costs

Remote Anywhere

From concert venues to hunting camps to sporting events to disaster relief efforts, xCOLD can provide a temporary cold space for perishables or people