Striving to Improve the Human Condition

Our Mission

We believe the time has come for solar energy to deliver on its promise. Our focus isn’t like traditional solar companies, placing panels on roofs to sell power back to the grid. We look to apply solar to specific use cases and solve specific problems. By engineering our products to solar standards, we can deliver the most efficient solutions that provide social and economic value. We are talking about applied solar solutions designed to improve the quality of life for Earth’s citizens.

What we do

We are an applied solar company looking to tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems such as preventing food loss, off-grid climate control, and reducing fossil fuel use. By leveraging sustainable technologies such as solar and applying it in unique ways to existing industrial solutions, we are able to produce a product that is instantly functional with all of the benefits of being powered by renewable energy

The X in our name isn’t there just for show. It is representative of our core values as a company, that we can solve real societal problems leveraging the power of solar energy. In mathematical terms, the dependent variable Y (the outcome) represents the value of the function of X. By plugging our ideas into the variable X, we are left with an outcome (variable Y).

Core Beliefs

Reimagining the Everyday

Our focus is on looking at present-day solutions to problems around the world and reengineering these solutions to take advantage of solar energy sources.

Social Responsibility

We believe that a company can do more than just maximize the bottom line—by providing products and services that truly improve peoples’ lives.

Healthy Core Culture

Building a culture that promotes innovation and creativity, leading to dynamic solutions that help solve the world's biggest challenges.