Q1 2019 Update

So far 2019 has shown a lot of promise!

In February, we attended and exhibited at the Spokane Ag Expo in Spokane, WA. We saw a lot of interest from attendees for our xCOLD refrigeration system. Some of the use-cases brought up by attendees included off-grid refrigeration for food, cooling for farm workers on hot days, storing meat while hunting, and disaster relief cold storage for medicine. With this crowd only being a small segment of our potential market, it showed to us that our solution is viable and can solve numerous problems around the world!

In addition to talking about SolarX Works at the show, we also brought along the xCOLD with a small tent to demo the concept for those that attended. This was very well received. People enjoyed standing in the tent and it was cold! We were able to bring the tent temperature down to 31 F in only a handful of minutes!

Since the show, we have had multiple conversations on the topic of field testing the xCOLD unit later this year. There are multiple opportunities to do this in the works—both here in the U.S. as well as abroad. The goal with this would be to further prove our concept’s viability as well as collect data to further improve our design.

Things feel like they are moving fast and we are excited to see further progress in Q2 2019. Check back here for future updates and keep an eye on our social media for other SXW news!

Donald McGraw

Join Us at the Spokane Ag Show 2019

We are excited to announce that we have been invited to be an exhibitor at the 2019 Spokane Ag Expo 2019! This is an exciting opportunity for us and we look forward to meeting you in person. The event is to be held February 5th-7th and we will be exhibiting from 9am-5pm the first 2 days and for the first few hours starting at 9am on the final day.

We will have a booth displaying the xCOLD solar-powered refrigeration unit setup for an example use-case along with individuals (including myself) manning the booth to answer questions and hand out swag. Come stop by to learn more and see the xCOLD unit in action!

The Spokane Ag Expo Website click here

For Ticket Info click here

Come check us out and/or follow us on social media for content through the event!

Donald McGraw

A Year in Review

2018 has been a year of progress and excitement for us here at SolarX Works. A few of our most notable accomplishments include:

The completion of our prototype xCOLD unit—a mobile solar-powered refrigeration and cooling system capable of producing cold air in just about any environment

Our first field test of the xCOLD unit at the Othello, WA Color Run—which provided great data and proof-of-concept for our “cold air anywhere” design

The presentation of our story at Startup Spokane—a local group whose mission is to provide business resources and connection small businesses with local potential investors

In addition, we have had great conversations with groups in a variety of industries within and outside the US looking to not only do additional field testing but also potentially purchase units. We feel that moment has continued to rise since the completion of our prototype unit this summer and is only going increase throughout 2019.

We already have big plans lined up for 2019. We have recently purchased a new portable cooling space to further test the xCOLD. This will not only provide additional data to back up our claims but also provide another use case example of a cooling setup with the xCOLD. In addition, we have also been invited to attend a local convention to display and demo our unit. When the time is appropriate, we will make an announcement about the event through our website and social media.

Thanks again for everyone’s support throughout 2018 and we look forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer!

Donald McGraw

First Field Test Completed

Over the past weekend, we completed our first field test of the xCOLD prototype by sponsoring the water station at the CBHA (Columbia Basin Health Association) Color Run in Othello, WA. For those that don’t know, the xCOLD is a solar-purpose built mobile refrigeration and cooling system. The xCOLD is designed to be as efficient as possible to maximize power from solar panels and has the flexibility to cool down a variety of different structures. For more details, check out the Solutions section on our website.

Our setup for the event included a quick pitch event tent, the xCOLD unit, and 6 solar panels on mobile arrays. This setup mimics one of primary use cases—temporary cooling tents. This setup could be used to cool agricultural workers in warm climates, provide a comfortable climate at an outdoor event, provide temporary cooling in disaster relief efforts, etc.

Although it wasn’t a blistering hot day, we were very happy with the results. We ran the xCOLD for multiple hours without interruption and we were consistently seeing a 20 degree Fahrenheit temperature differential between the air input and output. We were also very pleased to see that when the sun was fully shining, we were able to run the unit at full speed and still charge the battery.

Over the next month, we will continue to test the unit’s capabilities. This includes adding some insulating material to the tent to see the true capabilities this scenario, as the standard tent walls do not do a great job of reflecting heat. We will also look to test the unit in other structures such as a standard shipping container and a box truck.

We are very excited with the results that we have seen so far. They have been above our expectations and this makes us optimistic to our future designs, which we are already building out in our technology roadmap. We know we can make improvements to the design with the goal of further increasing the unit’s efficiency and driving down the cost.

Donald McGraw

New Website Live

Welcome to our new website! We have been hard at work on the redesign over the past few weeks and are excited to now share it with you. In addition, we will be adding in more content to further explain our story and further detail our prototype xCOLD unit.

Speaking of the xCOLD unit, we received the prototype on Monday, September 24th and have been testing it throughout this week. We are very pleased with the tests so far, as we are seeing a 20 degree Fahrenheit temperature difference and able to run the system at 100% on only 6 panels (half of what we expected). As we continue to test, revisit the site and blog to see the results in more detail along with more specific system capabilities.

In addition to the testing, we have our first field test on Saturday, September 29th in Othello, WA. We will be demonstrating the unit at a community event and look forward to showing the unit to those who show up. For those who can’t attend, look for photos and videos on our social media along with a follow up blog post next week.

Check back soon for another update!
Donald McGraw